Monday, June 9, 2008

Ebay Monday

The Treetots were all time favorites!! Keeks had the treehouse and I had the amusement park. Hours upon hours of fun :) The Amusement park is nearly impossible to find and a minty Treehouse goes for mucho money on ebay. Guess who is getting both delivered to them this week? I could not resist - I didn't get a minty one but it looks pretty darn good! I can't wait to put the dog in his shrub doghouse and get using that elevator ;) I paid 30 for the tree and 20 for the amusement park!!! xo, Brie
Here's a minty one that just ended! Mr. KB would have me committed if I spent that much on it ;)


Misplaced Country Girl said...

Oh my God! Oh my God! I still have mine and it is minty. I don't have the box, but if I sold it I could buy more one dollar makeup! I loved that thing so much when I was little. I didn't have the amusement park, but I had the Fisher Price barn and silo. My farmer people would always come and visit my Tretot people. I loved the secret elevator inside the tree and the little bush dog house. I think I need to go home sick now and play with my tree house and farm. I could never sell those things, not for all the dollar makeup in the world. Maybe for some nuclear energy though if you can find a good sale for me. I hope you have hours of fun with your new purchase.

The Mrs. said...

I tell you I wanted that so bad and never got it! I love that darn tree! Ebay mondays make me so emotional! LOL!