Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Calling All Unicorns!

My poor 3 year old daughter's room is still decorated in the same wallpaper border that my dad put up for me when I was expecting my 9 year old son. It is done in the same wallpaper you may have seen in any nursery done circa late 90's. Here is the paper, I'm sure you've seen it a few million times ;) Laura Ashley Hey Diddle Diddle. It's cute but I'm over it.

This room is so not Caroline with all this blue and yellow, plus her favorite pastime last year was stripping off the wallpaper off while she was supposed to be napping! The room is in tough shape (I will post a "before" pic later)

She became very excited when I suggested the redecorating of her room. Instantly announcing, "I want it pink, with unicorns EVERYWHERE!!!" Um, ok?

So here is the plan: Wall paint color = Benjamin Moore 50's pink

Inside the wood framed border that goes around the middle of the room I am going to attempt a Harlequin diamond painted design by me.

With this wallpaper idea

and this color design (cute dress by Jennifer Reale Designs!)

I think it will be really cute, if I can pull it off like I have it in my mind!

Now to the unicorns.... I am a bit stumped. I did buy this print on Etsy over the weekend from seller bealoo

oh wait I did find this set also on etsy but I just don't think it's gonna work for the 3 year old's room lol! Artwork by seller Cherry Box. You can also purchase poor unicorn's decapitated body separately if you would like the complete set (yes that is true!) :) I am only teasing of course, b/c I am really not one to criticize anyone's art. I just know these are not what 3 yo Caroline had in mind for her room!
but other than this all I can find are frightening sci-fi dungeons and dragons looking beast-like unicorns and that's not what we're going for here! I do LOVE the way these bird prints look in Pottery Barn Catalog. Maybe I'll try my hand at painting a few on some canvas.

Last things to figure out is bedding, I don't think that will be too hard (famous last words!)

So if you see anything cute with Unicorns do send them my way! Hopefully I'll have this room completed before she turns 16!

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Kathi D said...

Well, it looks like you have a fun (if challenging) job going! This artist has some pretty things (just did a quick google search, I don't know anything about the artist):