Sunday, January 6, 2008

Phase 2 Complete (kind of)

This took me 3 hours to refold and organize. It really looked like a fabric explosion took place somewhere around the middle of my reorganization, I nearly fled the scene. As I uploaded the pic I so proudly took, at a second glance I realize this does not look all that impressive. HOWEVER, had you seen the "before" shot (which I admit I was too embarrassed to take) you would probably be offering me lots of congratulations and maybe even a prize ;) The important thing is, I now have a better grasp on what I have and will actually be able to find it when I need it. Only 10 more stations to go!


Creative Cupcake said...

I totally feel you on the fabric/trim explosion-looking-ness. That whale print in the top left is adorable!

Brie said...

I am slowly getting there! God forbid I ever pass up any fabric featuring a whale print :) Those are believe it or not sheets from bed bath and beyond!! Didn't work out as well as I had planned for bags (we're talking maybe an 80 thread count!) but they are still too cute to part with. I'll figure out something!