Thursday, January 3, 2008

Its Freezing Outside but it Feels like Spring

Well, not really it is actually really freezing (3 degrees F!) it feels so far from Spring.... but I just completed our first new handbag for Spring! Still no official name, I need to sit and think on that. Suggestions are welcome!! Isn't is cute though? I really love it! xo, Brie


laurieg999 said...

I love your new spring handbag. And I love the blog. I can't believe we picked the same design. I want to order your headbands. How do I do it?

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I LOVE your newest bag and this blog. I was just checking out your website, which is in my "favorites", and now am having so much fun reading all your blog entries! It will become another "favorite". Thanks for all the great websites, recipes and fun! What a great idea!!
:O) Joy O'Gwen from Basking Ridge!

Brie said...

Thanks guys! I am so glad you came by to check it out.

Laurie, lets trade for meatballs and marinara. Let me know which ones you like! See you at spin Monday?

Joy, so great to hear from you! Hope things are well. Try to stay warm in freezing Jersey (although I do think warmer weather is on the way!!)

magnoliabelle said...

Tres cute!!! How about "French Preppy"?