Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Design Her Gals

Most of you already know... but in case you have been on an extended vacation somewhere, you should really check out http://www.designhergals.com/ I like this site for a lots of reasons

  • It's fun! You can play with virtual paperdolls, make them look like you, dress them up, jewel them up (they even have converse low tops - every color!)

  • you can make fun products featuring your "gal". For example I have made some shipping stickers and also some small cards which I sometimes use for price tags when we do a show

  • their customer service is awesome! I am big lover of great customer service! I even emailed them last year and asked them make me some freckles and the next day they did!

  • they give back to charity. 5% of every order goes to their nonprofit org called the gal to gal foundation. Gal to Gal helps raise funds and awareness for women with stage IV breast cancer. http://www.galtogal.com/

They are currently working on some html for me so I can post my "Brie Gal" (I like her b/c she is skinnier than me) along with my sis Keeks right here on the blog! Hopefully sometime today!

Last but not least.... 30% sale (today is the LAST day) you have to order TWO things (that will not be hard) and use promo code: ITEMS2 at checkout. Have fun! xo, Brie


Lisa said...


Thanks for warning me about the door stopper - I never thought about it coming off! Glad your little guy was okay!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Brie said...

You're welcome! I think it's one of those weird things that you don't even think of until you have a problem :) Glad to share it!

for those in the dark, I had commented to Lisa that I almost had a serious choking problem with the little rubber stopper that comes off the top of the door stopper thingy (commonly found in homes esp new construction ones)