Thursday, January 17, 2008

Quick Shout Out to Peapod Delivery!

I have been trapped inside all week with poor sick Caroline (who by the way has "shared" her cold with me now) We both feel not so great today and I am running low on things to make dinner with, lunch with, snacks.... you name it we are out or almost out of it!

Stop and Shop Peapod to the rescue! I just did a full order online and will have it delivered here sometime tomorrow between 8a - 10a! Use coupon codes like "first" "second" "third" depending which order number it is for you and get 5 dollars off (basically free delivery) your order! A wonderful alternative to 1. having no food in the house, 2. going out with your sick child, or 3. sending your husband out with a list only to have him arrive home with all the wrong things ;) xo, Brie

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