Friday, January 18, 2008

Shoe Envy

Did anyone catch Oprah on Tuesday? I think the show was called "Face Behind the Name". The business woman in me loves it when she runs shows like this featuring the owners and inventors behind the brand. This piece included the founders of Cold Stone Creamery, Carmex lip balm, and the inventor of a new high lighter from bic to name a few. I find these stories to be pretty inspiring and most definitely motivational!

She featured a French shoe designer by the name of Christian Louboutin - I guess he is famous for making the "red soled" shoes. I personally had never heard of him, but believe me when I tell you, these shoes were beyond fab!!! They got me quite excited and I wouldn't even describe myself as a "shoe girl" - sneaker girl, yes! (more on that in future post) shoe girl, no! Aren't these so awesome?? Only 1,110 dollars for the red pair at Barney's New York - guess I'll only be wearing these babies in my dreams :) xo, Brie

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