Sunday, January 27, 2008

Keeks and Brie are Here by Design Her Gals!

See them over there to right? Aren't they cute?! The design team created some html for us so we could post them to our blog. They are just what this blog needed :) Have you designed your "gal" yet? Click on ours to the right and it will take you directly to the site. Have fun and don't forget 5% of your orders through them go to directly to the "Gal to Gal Foundation"!

Our dinner party was a lot of fun last night. It always makes wonder why I don't do these things more regularly. Dinner was really yummy, I will post some pics tomorrow along with some recipes. We had 6 adults attend along with 12 kids (we ordered them pizza). It was great fun and I feel lucky to have found such nice friends to hang out with :)

As tired as I am feeling today, good Keeks and Brie ideas keep coming to me (not sure but it good ideas tend to hit me when I am exhausted). I am writing them down and heading into the "studio" to start something now. There may be a fun contest in the near future and the prize may be a beautiful new handbag for Spring, so please check back! Happy Sunday! xo, Brie

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