Thursday, February 7, 2008

Check out my new Shoes!!

How cute are these? I got the directions from one of my favorite sites (and blogs too!) Being a crafty girl myself, this site has my name written all over it! You find lots of great stuff there, we seem to like the same things so it's real a no brainer to shop there! She is very funny in her blog and generous with tutorials for all of her crafty ideas.

These mocassins were on her site a bit back and you can find the directions here! As you can see the creative juices weren't really flowing for me last night because I selected the exact same ribbons as Caroline, but hey - like I said before she has great taste ;) I bought the mocassins on sale (score!) at Land's End a couple of days ago. Unfortunately the ones I got are no longer on the site :( but if you own a pair, this is a cute way to spiff up some old shoes that need a little TLC. You will have to use glue on the side ribbons, but not on the top bow part which lends itself to swapping. I am thinking I may switch em up every now and again with a leopard grosgrain, burberry ribbon, or hot pink!

I have lots more to "discuss" but must run to Target - rumor has it they have cute St. Pat's shirts and I am an Irish girl who loves a good theme t! xo, Brie

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Kate said...

Those are adorable!