Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Seven Up Series - Out!

Remember when Ryan Seacrest would say that at the end of American Idol a few years back? That was completely ridiculous!!

I finished the up series last night - I have that sad feeling when I have just finished a great book because I didn't want it to end. I really loved it and highly, highly recommend it. So interesting to watch, you will definitely form "favorites". The hardest part for me was in certain episodes different participants were losing their parents. It was hard to watch, these people will really start to grow on you and when they were sad, I was sad too. I am also quite sad that I have to wait until 2013 for the next installment!!! Good news however, I have perfected my English accent which I love to annoy my hub with :) - bloody brilliant!

Rent it, pronto!! Happy Tuesday! xo, Brie
PS one of my favorite quotes that they love to replay in each episode is from this adorable 7 year old boy Andrew who says " I didn't quite like those rough children, one hit me in the back and I still have a pain there" that made me laugh every time!


Ang said...

I have been trying to find that series ever since you posted last week without any luck...I may need to sign up for Netflix just to get a hold of it! Watched The Holiday last night...so good. Tears were streaming when Iris walked Arthur into the auditorium. Oh, and I received my belt...LOVE IT!

Brie said...

Oh great news, glad it arrived and that you like it :) Thanks again!

I love Netflix b/c I had a bit of a "problem" getting the movies back on time! Do you do the Blockbuster mailing or just go to the video store?

It's worth signing up for! It's an incredible series!

The Mrs. said...

On my netflix list! Cannot wait to get it!!!

The Mrs. said...

PS added you to the blog roll! xo

Ang said...

Yeah, I have been going to the video store...signed up for the free trial of Netflix today!