Thursday, February 7, 2008

Weird Brie Yankovic

Kerry tagged me for the 7 weird things about me...... hope you won't hold any of these things against me :)

1. I am a reality tv junkie, I get way too involved in some of these. I just find lots (not all mind you) of them interesting and they are good shows to sew to b/c they do not require my "complete" attention, I just kind of listen and make snarky comments about how the participants are annoying or funny etc etc etc. I have stooped very low with some of my program watching, embarrassingly low... flavor of love, I love New York, and Crowned. Serious favorites include Project Runway, Run's House, and Top Chef.

2. Sometimes I have serious sleeping issues. I have trouble falling asleep almost every single night and on those rare nights when I do fall asleep early... guess who's staring at the ceiling at 3am freaking out that I am only going to get 5 hours of total sleep if I fall asleep this second. I also sleep with earplugs everynight.

3. I am a bit of an idiot savant with pop culture - you know when you see someone on tv and it's bugging you where you have seen them? I usually know - just happened tonight, I see Miles on Lost and know right away he was Junior's mentally disturbed friend on the Sopranos. I can also pull weird supporting cast names from 70's sitcoms like Polly Holiday, Beth Howland, and Mindy Cohn. It's more like a talent really - see a weird talent!! I was just a touch too young for that mtv show remote control - I would have dominated on that.

4. I tried out to be on the wheel of fortune in college and was devasted when I didn't make it past the written test! Did get a pencil though that said "I tried out for the Wheel of Fortune!"

5. I am super double jointed but have learned to control it a bit by positioning my arms and legs "just so" so people don't completely freak out saying "omg your arm is bending the wrong way!"

6. I don't think this is necessarily weird but many people find it surprising to know that I am a huge Howard Stern fan. I love that show and miss it terribly since he left for satellite radio although I do get Howard TV on demand. I am getting sirius as soon as my youngest is in kindergarten (don't really love the thought of uncensored material around the kiddos)

7. I still know by heart a ton of the Schoolhouse Rocks songs (remember those from Saturday mornings??) Conjunction junction, what's your function???? hooking up words and phrases and clauses.... what is my problem??

8. (yes you get a bonus!!) I am a serious smiling face making offender in email and posts :) I know this, I just think he/she is cute and pop them in everywhere so maybe people know if I am joking around, or happy, or oh I don't know, I just like to make these :)

If you think any of these are weird, just you wait until Monday when I reveal my plans for the weekend (with pics of course!!!!) Even I can't believe what we've got cooked up. Stay tuned :)

I think I am suppossed to tag others, but I am brand new to this blogging, only a month old. Most of the blogs I like to read have been around for a long time and have probably already done this. SO..... I did have fun doing this and if you haven't I recommend you try it. Just say I tagged you ;) xo, Brie


Libby said...

Wow, I'm impressed, I did not make the Miles/Sopranos connection at all! And how cool that you tried out for Wheel of Fortune- there's a written test for that?! Yikes!

My favorite Schoolhouse Rock song is "I'm Just a Bill" :)

Have a great weekend Brie!

Kerry said...

I am sad to say i am with you on #2 - it's not fun to not be able to sleep!