Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lazy Super Tuesday

Here's what we're up to today! Remember when your biggest problems were trying to get that rogue piece of blue playdough out of the pink playdough or how to get those last little bits out of the fuzzy pumper barber shop guy's head? Those were the days! xo, Brie

PS it smells just as great as you remember!
PPS don't forget to VOTE


Kerry said...

silly puddy and play dough - not allowed in my house. hate the stuff and am always amazed and jelous when mom's let their children play with it!! looks like fun!

Brie said...

Kerry, I hear you! Used to be my mantra too but my son uses it a lot in occupational therapy so I decided to lift the rule. Note the table covered with newspaper to prevent it from smashing into my table :) It has to be a "supervised" activity or the results are disastrous! It is fun, I think I played more than she did!

Erin said...

How DO you get those last little bits out of the fuzzy pumper barber shop guy's head? From one Mom to another...I need to know! I've resorted to letting it dry out in the head and then it comes out during our next play session. My daughter loves it since it leads to stuff like, blue hair with yellow "frosted tips." Keep in mind I know this because she is being completely over-supervised. I feel like I just stand there hovering and saying "No eating it! " until I'm blue.

Anyway, love your blog. Found it via TSB. Over there I'm BrideDesign. Glad I dropped in for a visit!

Brie said...

Thanks for stopping by Erin! My fuzzy pumper trick is a toothpick and if that doesn't work, you take it outside and blow on the bottom (make sure no neighbors are looking :D)and those little bits will go a flying! Good luck :)