Monday, February 11, 2008

Country Roads - My Weekend Part 1

I mentioned to my friend E on New Year's Eve that I love John Denver. I do - I grew up in the 70's and would request his vinyl albums for a "good report card prize". If that's not incentive to do well in school, then I don't know what is! At 8 years old the drug referenced lyrics went right over my head. Anyone who doesn't love John Denver for his perfect pure poetic "fantasticness" is just missing out on something huge.

So E sees that our local community theatre is hosting an event called "Almost Heaven" a John Denver sing along. I'm usually up for anything (as long as someone else is planning), so we decide to give it a shot. It was interesting afternoon to say the least! The music was good but we were one of the youngest in attendance by far. It was a sea of white hair, wheel chairs, and even I'm sure I saw few oxygen tanks! The song selection was right on, they even played a few more obscure favorites like For Bobbi and Looking for Space (love them!). Calling it a sing a long was pushing it though and believe me, I wanted to! I have a feeling I may have been escorted out by security had I decided to join in :) While "Almost Heaven" is a cute play on words, that was not quite accurate either. "Almost Purgatory" would have been more like it :) xo, Brie

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