Monday, February 11, 2008

Project Runway Predictions

serious project runway weigh in here....

I have been neglecting my posts on this show. If you have been reading my blog, you know its one my faves. It's been a great season but time's a ticking and as usual I have some serious predictions here. If I don't post them now who will I celebrate with when it all goes down just the way I think it will!!!

We said goodbye to Ricky last week and his strange little choo choo hat so here's how I predict the rest of the season!

The "outs" in order

5. Chris - he can be entertaining but he's already been cut once and was allowed to come back after Jack, so now he's on borrowed time anyway

4. Sweet Pea - I kind of like her but she seems a little less experienced and this is a tough group of talent

3. Jillian - from a design perspective, she is my favorite of who is left (Jack was my original pick to win but he had to leave for health reasons) I think Jillian will exit early only because time management seems to be a problem. As someone who sews, I can tell you the budgets and time limitations are completely insane and unreasonable. The fact that these designers are coming up with actual good looking pieces leaves me amazed!

2. Rami - He was my second prediction to win after Jack left. He is super talented but kind of a one trick pony. Lots of Grecian looking draping etc etc. Plus I am placing him second for two reasons. 1: being such a sour puss with Sweet Pea during that avant -garde episode and 2: I believe he already is enjoying some notoriety by designing for some stars.

so who does this leave us with????

Of course my favorite of favorites - CHRISTIAN! I love this guy, he is so sassy, fresh, and fierce (his word, not mine). I'm not totally feeling his 80's retro designs, but who can resist his hairdo and super snark! Here he is with a little crown I made him!

xo, Brie


Misplaced Country Girl said...

I would like it to come down to Christian and Jillian. I'm a little tired of Rami and his draping. We get it you can drape beautifully now do something different. Jillian does some great things, but like you say that time management thing will kill her in her final runway challenge. For the first few episodes I wanted so badly to hate Christian, but now I love him and really want him to win. He's so talented. He even managed to make that wrestler look classy last week in the trampish outfit. By the way, was that not a weird challenge? Since when did we start incooporating wrestlers on Project Runway?

Brie said...

LOL - love that, classy and trampish all rolled into one!

magnoliabelle said...

I'm a PR virgin, so I've only seen about 4 episodes...and I love Christian's personality, but it seems like he does the same jacket everytime with just some tweaks to it...don't get me wrong, that wrestling outfit was "fierce", but it seems like was essentially the same as the denim, etc. Did I miss something? :)

P.S. When do the original shows air...I keep hitting the rebroadcasts and it's so hard to figure out on Bravo...

polos and pearls said...

All of the people that are left on the show had collections at Fashion Week so it's anyone's guess.

Brie said...

all new episode airs Wed at 10pm on Bravo and you can usually catch the previous weeks' that same night at 9p.

An all day marathon is like the best day ever for me (how sad :)