Saturday, February 23, 2008

Laser Olympian

As promised.... Our month long celebration for Kev's birthday came to a wonderful finale with a birthday party with his friends from school at a place called the Funplex He has been wanting to have a party here for years but I always felt he was too young (this place is huge inside) so his requests were continually declined with clever responses from me "like they are closed that week for painting"!

Birthday parties were getting completely out of control around here so we made a family decision to go the "every other year" route. I highly recommend it!! So long story short is I caved and let him have a lazer runner party at Funplex.

First a word about Funplex... this was the greatest party we have ever hosted. It is one flat price per guest and you don't have to do ANYTHING else except for goodie bags. This includes invites, table linens, plates, cups, balloons, lazer tag, unlimited use of the bumper cars, 20 tokens per guest (they have all kinds of amusements like skee ball etc) thank you notes, party server, and they even do they cake!!!! Total home run. They key to these parties is to have it on weekeday b/c they place is a complete zoo on the weekend. On a Thursday night we pretty much had the place to ourselves. I really can't recommend this place enough!!

Ok, now it's Lazer runner time. Our party server suggests Dave and I go in for the game. At first we decline, but then change our minds b/c it's held in this dark, day glow room (black lights) with a fog machine and we figured we'd go in to be the safety monitors. At first I have no idea what I am doing... I am trying to laser people on the green team (I am on the green team) and finally my 11 year old daughter pulls me aside and gives the rundown on the rules, lasers me, and disappears - kezer soze style.

At this point something in me snaps... suddenly I understand the game and am quite the shot! Nobody was safe including our very own birthday boy who I zapped about 15 times. As someone who has never really understood or excelled in any way in sports, I do believe I have found my calling! If the Olympics decides to form a team - I'll be there grabbing the gold for the USA.

The game ran for 15 minutes, I was out of breath, had broken a sweat, and scored 14 new fans in the form of 9 year old 3rd grade boys :) Here's our breakdown and in case you're wondering.... I was number 04!!!

Kev thanked us 25 times for the best party ever and proceeded to do this joyful, hilarious, birthday dance while the kids sang "Happy Birthday" it was the funniest thing ever and made me quite sad that I dropped and broke our video camera at the pumpkin patch 4 years ago :( - see I told you I am clumsy. It was a really fun time!!

For goodie bags, each of the boys got a nerf football! An easy route to take and the boys really seemed to like them!

Have a great weekend, I have more nonsense planned for tonight.... see you Monday! xo, Brie

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I love how you are so positive about your life