Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Outlook Not Good

so says the 8 ball! I am posting immediately after Idol tonight while my mind is fresh and I don't want any outside influences clouding my vision :) I also have a half hour to kill until PR!
This is such a crap shoot because honestly lots of these guys were "eh" for me. My daughter thinks I am meaner than Simon. It's all very funny because I carry on as if I can sing. I cannot, but my ears are in tip top shape. So bye bye tomorrow to:

but thank you, thank you for that awesome dance move at the end! Like Keely and Country Girl have both said.... a cruise ship is calling your name.

your Freddy Mercury was NOT bad and you remind me of Luke Perry which is weird because your name is Luke. You're getting the boot for lacking the old stage charisma.

you have used your get out of jail free card already. Bold choice to sing "No Good" because that's just how I thought the judges would rate the performance.

and last but not least, bye to cute Kady. I love your Brittany impression, it's great! I loved your dress tonight! The stones reminded me of my scarab bracelet which I LOVE and am now off to go look for! xo, Brie


Misplaced Country Girl said...

He does look just like Luke Perry. That is really funny. Kristy Lee went shopping at DEB at the mall for her performance outfit. She just doesn't have a clue. But if we keep her around another week shes going to show us her country side. Please America vote her off this week I don't want to see that. Poor Kady, she also doesn't have a clue. I find her so boring I can't even find anything wity to say about her. I agree 100% with the 8 ball this week.

One last thing....really human hair? He wanted a chance to show at New York Fashion Week and he put human hair on his clothes? What in God's name was he thinking? Then he made poor Christian brush his dress. So wrong! Christian will probably need therapy now.

a. said...

Are they getting rid of two of each this week???

Libby said...

He does indeed look like Luke Perry, doesn't he!?

I happened to catch Simon on Regis and Kelly yesterday morning. He said he pretty much knows the final three but he wouldn't say who. AND, that after another season or two he'll still be involved with the show but he won't be judging. I nominate you to take his place at the judges table. :)

Brie said...

L -While I do think I would be one killer Simon... we'd have to pull off some kind of Cyrano de Bergerac scenario where someone else would speak my words. I could NEVER be that mean to someone's face. On the blog, yes :) face to face, no way jose!

A - I think it will be 2 each week until they are down to the 12.

Country - I just had lunch and cannot discuss the hair incident. That was just wrong :)

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I can't believe I forgot about this...what in the world was going on with Amanda's hair? She looked like a lion. Sometimes less is more Amanda.

Sew Gracious said...

Love your picks! I picked the same 2 guys to go tonight.

I agree with your girls picks. Really, any of them can go and things will be OK, but I have to say that Kady, Kristy Lee and Alaina are all on my list of "you've had your 15 minutes" ;-)