Friday, February 1, 2008

This Week is a Wrap

It's been a busy yet uneventful week here. I always love snapping that alarm button to off first thing Friday! Tomorrow we don't have to be anywhere until 11!!!

So here's some hilights and lowlights:

  • Got my hair seriously chopped yesterday- like 4 plus inches. I am too shy to take a pic but I like it!

  • Lost - ok you totally tricked me into thinking it was a 2 hour premier but I have should have known better when you kept referring to it as an "event". That first hour was a bit of a sneaky trick, but the premier was good and I always love seeing my "Chawleeee" - (in Claire's Aussie accent) so extra bonus points for that!

  • BIG Keeks and Brie projects underway - some I can't talk about and some I can (and will at some point). All are very good and hopefully I'll be able to discuss them soon!

  • Project Runway - I'm still not speaking to you

  • Gearing up for Super Tuesday here in NJ - the ballots have changed considerably, you better vote or you're not allowed to complain!

  • Britney - honest to goodness girl, you seriously need to get your "stuff" together.

  • Super Bowl Sunday - I hate football. Most who know me, know this. I recently announced you would have to pay ME to actually go to the Superbowl in Arizona. My husband told me to stop talking like that before people think something is wrong with me. That made me laugh. I am however very much looking forward to some Buffalo Chicken Dip and a guiness. ok maybe 2 guiness!

I told you in was an uneventful week ;) I like uneventful! Hope your weekend is fun! GO GIANTS!! Sorry but I live in NJ and you gotta love a good underdog! When in Rome....xo, Brie


Libby said...

I bet the hair looks fabulous, I cut mine and I still can't get over how much lighter I feel.

I sense a good-spirited superbowl rivalry brewing! (I would love to see the recipe for the dip but I couldn't get the link to work.)

Looking forward to seeing what projects you've got cooking, have a great weekend!

Brie said...

Keely (aka Keeks is buggin to the see the hair so maybe I'll post a pic later.) The cut is similar to yours... I saw it on your blog. I think we are both quite in fashion - a la Katie Holmes minus the bangs!

My entire immediate family (parents and 2 sisters) ALL live in Ma. They think my husband's taste in sports is down right horrific, but in his defense he is a born and raised New Yorker. Baseball season is especially brutal :)
Have a great w/e too! B

Brie said...

PS The link is fixed! Sorry about that ;)