Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Day!!!!

Finally we have a snow day here in NJ! It's yucky snow though... the kind that weighs 2 tons because it got rained on top of all night. It definitely doesn't look like snow you can play in but it does look snow you can drown in!

The automated system that school uses proceeded to call not once, but FIVE times to tell us there was no school today. It was like a cruel joke to say, "there's no school but we're going to make sure we wake up your whole house at 6am so there is no sleeping in for you today!" I powered through though and was able to fall back asleep :) I'm dedicated to my craft that way!

The kids are already getting into squabbles upstairs, so I suspect this will be one long day! Wish me luck! xo, Brie

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Misplaced Country Girl said...

Why don't we ever get adult snow days? I miss the days of waking up to see if your school was on the list. Back in those days the news person actually had to read the schools, there was no scrolling of names or crawls at the bottom of the screen and it would take forever. You could have been ready for school by the time they got your school announced. I want to wake up and see my business name in one of those scrolls so that I can roll over and go back to sleep with a smile on my face!

Brie said...

I hear you! This has been no "snow day" for me at all except for the sleeping in part. The kids have tests and book reports due tomorrow (we love to put things off) and oh gosh darn it - VALENTINE'S is tomorrow! They each only have about 25 kids PER class times 4 kids. My kitchen looks like an explosion of little snips of red and pink construction paper and empty sticker sheets. I am ready for a nap!