Friday, February 29, 2008

Retail Therapy

AH...Nothing like a little retail therapy to chase away the winter blues! It is FREEZING here in NJ!
I bought mostly for the girls and one thing for me from Land's End

For me the ever practical denim skirt - I really like the shape of this one with the slight A line flare

For Kay I got here this cute bathing suit set and adorable tunic with some capri jeans! They also have this really cute sundress which I didn't get and am already regretting. She has a ton of pink and I wanted the navy blue one which they don't have in her size :(

Here is the link to the super cute dress that I didn't get :(
For Ms. C who is in love with strawberry shortcake... how could I resist this adorable little skort along with a couple of coordinating t shirts. This is a pic of the back of it (the front is smooth) but it's hard to pull pics off to share. in all a great little shopping spree :) Lands End also has this handy little live chat and the woman was very quick and patient with my million and one questions and typos. What a great way to start the weekend! Enjoy yours!! xo, Brie

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Misplaced Country Girl said...

I'm digging that skirt and it reminded me that I have one just like it in my closet that I forgot about. I'm going to go get it right now. Hope you enjoy your skirt, I know I will enjoy mine now that I remember I have it.