Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Rewind

Another FUN weekend here in NJ. Certainly not as active as
last weekend but another weekend like that may just do me in!

My parents were here to celebrate Kev's birthday again (birthdays around here tend to be more like birth2weeks with multiple parties - and in case you were wondering, NO we aren't done yet! One more to go!)
Highlights included, several basketball games, a trip to the ice skating rink, and we learned how to play this game Kevin loves called Mancala(a graduation gift from his sweet OT Shannon!)I have yet to beat the 9 year old by the way. It is really fun! We also watched more Star Wars movies than I care to comment on. They are SO boring to me. The only guys I like are those aliens who play the oboe music in the bar.

and last but not least, my "sister" Lacey is staying with us for a little bit!! Wish us luck, she is a bit of a diva! A very hungry diva!

Happy President's Day! Enjoy the long weekend if you get it! My husband did not :(
xo, Brie


Misplaced Country Girl said...

I know all about those diva sisters. Mine stayed with us for about two weeks and I don't think she is welcome back. She terrorized Lucy and bit me three times. She was a very ungrateful house guest. I guess she didn't know the alternative was a chain and outside dog house! I hope you have better luck

Kate said...

I am addicted to Mancala. Love that game!